Freedom to control your online brand.

Suppose someone looks you up on Google. What would they find? Is that online version of yourself—which you have little to no control over (thanks, Google)—the You that you want others to see?

When you interact with someone in real life, you can adjust to the context of the situation and the person you’re speaking to. This does not translate to our modern-day Internet. 

In contrast, the @protocol enables you to see exactly who is asking for your information and decide what parts of yourself to share. You’ll be able to create customizable identities called personas that you can apply in different contexts.

What might this look like? Suppose your gaming friends and potential employers are both trying to connect with you. Instead of having to create separate accounts, you can simply construct two separate personas: a gaming one with your gamer tags and tips, and a career-oriented one with your professional headshot and resume. It’s an easy, intuitive way to manage your online identity.

A quick way to start setting your personas is through our @persona app. 

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