Network of Trust

Choose who you let into your @life.

At The @ Company, we believe that trust is a choice. Think about the trustworthy people in your life. Before you could be vulnerable with them, they had to demonstrate that they were worthy of your trust. You likely grew to trust them more and more with each positive interaction.

But there’s no existing parallel for building trust on the Internet. Considering how often sensitive information is shared online, this is extremely problematic. Take your resume, for example. A resume usually lists private contact details like your phone number, email address, and home address — information that you’d ideally share only with those you trust. But if you want to, say, increase your chances of employment, it’s essential that potential employers know how to contact you. You’re forced to relinquish sensitive information to people or corporations that haven’t earned your trust yet.

With the @protocol, we can bring trust back into the conversation. In a world with @signs, everyone will be accountable for their own actions. You’ll have the opportunity to curate a network of contacts, each of whom have earned the right to be in your community (though you might trust some more than others). In return, you’ll invited into other people’s networks as well. If anyone breaks your trust, you can rescind any of the information you shared with them. You’ll have full autonomy even when sharing your data in online transactions with unknown, untested entities. 

Instead of having to always give unfamiliar online entities the benefit of the doubt, you’re free to construct your own personalized, ever-changing network of trust.

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