Absolute Privacy

Private data stays protected from prying eyes.

True data privacy doesn’t exist on our current Internet. All the information you share online, including your browsing history and virtual interactions, isn’t private. Once you type in your social security number or passport ID, you lose control of that information forever. Your data joins billions of other peoples’ data in company-owned databases, where it’s vulnerable to being stolen by hackers, misused, or sold by the company. 

But with the @protocol, you no longer have to relinquish sensitive information to companies that haven’t earned your trust. This permissions-based protocol allows you to house your data securely on a personal server that you own. Furthermore, since the @protocol employs end-to-end data encryption, no one at any stage of the data journey will ever be able to “see” your data.

Think of it this way: Instead of scattering bits of your data throughout the Internet for others to stumble across, you can consolidate all your information in a secure location that only you hold the keys to. And, you decide who gets to access that data and for how long. How’s that for data privacy?

Learn more about the specific controls you’ll have over your data with the @protocol.

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