@signs for You

It’s time for the Internet to start treating Users like People. Too often, your data is copied, co-owned, leveraged, or sold without your permission. But corporations shouldn’t own your data; you should. In a world where everyone has an @sign (at sign), you’ll know exactly who’s asking for your private information, and whether you grant them permission or take it away is entirely up to you. @signs (at signs) are like Twitter handles — no two are alike. Your @sign (at sign) will serve as a gatekeeper and background checker for anyone who wants to gain access to your data. 

Several incredibly useful and @sign-compatible apps have already been released, including @persona and @mosphere. Do you want to help create an online ecosystem built on transparency, self-expression, and an individual’s right to choose how they engage online and with whom? Start by signing up for an @sign (at sign) of your own!

  • Image of a hand pulling back a curtain to reveal The @company logo
    @sign Essentials
    What you need to know
  • Illustration of a person looking through a keyhole
    Absolute Privacy
    Private data stays protected from prying eyes.
  • Illustration of a hand holding a web browser with a ribbon tied around it
    Better Online Experience
    Built for People, not Users.
  • Illustration of miscellaneous items on a shelf
    Control over Data
    You choose who sees your data, when, and for how long.
  • Illustration of a browser window with a check mark button
    Network of Trust
    Choose who you let into your @life.
  • Illustration of a person signing an email
    Surveillance-Free Data
    No middleman, woman, or bot.
  • Illustration of a person looking at a computer screen with multiple faces on the screen
    Freedom to control your online brand.
  • Illustration of two hands coming out of a computer screen shaking
    Current, Real-Time Information
    Update once, and everyone gets the memo.

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