@signs for Enterprise

Our vision for the enterprise is a future where customers no longer view large corporations with suspicion and paranoia. By incorporating the @protocol into your platforms, you can show customers that you value trust and transparency. @signs (at signs) enable customers to dictate the terms for how your organization can use their data, and for how long. As an added benefit, you won’t have to worry about maintaining large user databases or making sure customer data is up-to-date. 

At the enterprise level, the @sign (at sign) returns trust to the table. You’ll be instilling your customers with the confidence to interact with you via the Internet.

Illustration of people talking in a conference room with a women pointing at a white board
  • Image of a hand pulling back a curtain to reveal The @company logo
    @sign Essentials
    What you need to know
  • Illustration of a person looking through a keyhole
    Absolute Privacy
    Private data stays protected from prying eyes.
  • Illustration of a toaster with images and messages coming out of it
    Automatic Privacy Compliance
    Privacy built in, at the protocol level.
  • Illustration of a wallet dropping coins in a funnel
    Low to No Hosting Costs
    Don’t pay for what you don’t host.
  • Illustration of a hand holding a web browser with a ribbon tied around it
    Better Online Experience
    Built for People, not Users.
  • Illustration of someone stepping on a database
    No User Databases
    Every person’s data is stored and encrypted locally.
  • Illustration of a person messaging someone online
    Decreased Support Overhead
    No more dealing with lost usernames and passwords.
  • Illustration of hands sweeping up broken items
    Minimized Risk
    Customer data is stored locally, reducing company liability.
  • Illustration of a browser window with a check mark button
    Network of Trust
    Choose who you let into your @life.
  • Illustration of a person using a magnifying glass on a computer screen
    Customers control who accesses their data.
  • Illustration of two hands coming out of a computer screen shaking
    Current, Real-Time Information
    Update once, and everyone gets the memo.

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