@signs for Creators

Building an online brand is hard work, but with an @sign (at sign), promoting it is easy. Unlike social media platforms that only allow you to share one link (we’re looking at you, Instagram), you can consolidate all your important links on your @persona profile. And since you can customize your public profile however you’d like, you can easily turn it into a business card or portfolio that showcases your online presence.

Coming Soon in 2021: We’re also working behind the scenes to build a thriving network of like-minded creators, where the focus is on helping you build your brand from wherever you are, not on your follower count. You’ll be able to ask other creators for advice and share your own invaluable insights.

We believe in a shared growth model: Our Shared Revenue Model is another way we will support creators who help build the @ecosystem.

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    @sign Essentials
    What you need to know
  • Illustration of a person looking through a keyhole
    Absolute Privacy
    Private data stays protected from prying eyes.
  • Illustration of miscellaneous items on a shelf
    Control over Data
    You choose who sees your data, when, and for how long.
  • Illustration of hands coming out of two computer screens giving each other a high five
    Earn as You Grow
    Build the @ecosystem while earning commissions.
  • Illustration of a browser window with a check mark button
    Network of Trust
    Choose who you let into your @life.
  • Illustration of a person signing an email
    Surveillance-Free Data
    No middleman, woman, or bot.
  • Illustration of a person looking at a computer screen with multiple faces on the screen
    Freedom to control your online brand.

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